Phlebology Colorado 2020

Dr Johns Kingsley's Phlebology Colorado Meeting

Dear Colleagues

We hope that 2019 has been a healthy and productive year thus far. It is time to gear up for Colorado Phlebology 2020.

Once again we will get together in Telluride to share our love of the mountains, our passion for our work and our need to collaborate on the problems and challenges of modern phlebology. John’s Kingsley’s vision of a free flowing exchange of ideas, a robust debate, a transparent review of difficulties we encounter in our work along with our close association with key industry sponsors set Colorado Phlebology apart from other medical meetings.

We want Phlebology Colorado to continue to serve its attendees and sponsors. Our collective participation makes Phlebology Colorado what it is and what it can become as we carry on the vision of our dear friend John. Please reach out to any sponsors or friends that you think might appreciate this experience. Sponsors would be coordinated through Leon Olsen and myself. Invited colleagues are encouraged to bring cases for presentation in the spirit of the meeting

We are making preparations for the February 2020 meeting. It will be a good meeting once again and will certainly afford us time renew our friendships.

Warmest Regards


Paul M. McNeill, MD (Director)

Contact Leon Olsen at Conference Matters or call +64 21 164 3815 for further details.