Phlebology Colorado

Program Overview

Wed 05 Feb Thurs 06 Feb Fri 07 Feb Sat 08 Feb
Arrival and sponsor setup 7:00am-9:00am

Meeting Discussion


Meeting Discussion


Meeting Discussion

Free Time Free Time Meeting Concludes

Meeting Discussion


Meeting Discussion

Meeting Dinner 7:00pm


Program Detail

Wednesday, February 05:

Exhibitors arrive and set up booths in the exhibitor area. Most participants arrive, hotel and meeting arrangements are completed. Recreation activities arranged, including ski, snowmobile, snowboard, spa, etc.

Thursday, February 06:

Meeting 7AM til 9AM in scheduled meeting room.

Opening remarks by Dr. McNeill, Program and meeting planner. Introduction of sponsors, introduction of attendees.

Session begins by physician attendee presentations. All attendees are invited participants who bring case presentations to the meeting. These cases are presented in power point with photos of the patients anatomy, venous ultrasound findings, operative treatment, and post-operative results. 

Each attendee is encouraged to participate and to comment on the case. The microphone is passed around the room for discussion. Nurses and physician assistants and all those in attendance are allowed and encouraged to comment or ask questions.

Five minute presentations are allowed with restrictions to those five minutes. 10 minute discussions follow. Four case presentations per hour are anticipated, eight cases discussed this AM. The inaugural morning sets the tone for the meeting.

Free Time

Meeting 4PM til 7PM

Again, case presentations are the format. Four cases per hour are anticipated, as each attendee is allowed to bring one or more cases to the meeting for discussion. The evening sessions are informal, usually more lively as all are encouraged to discuss, criticize, and resolve any and all issues affecting the daily practice of phlebology. The first meetings held in 2009 and 2011 proved a “soul searching and bare the soul” type meeting, where attendees presented cases they would not discuss in most settings. The discussions were lively and extremely informative. The meeting sponsors who have the most experience in this specialty, and who train many other physicians, learned more from this meeting than nearly any attended over the years.

Wine served during the evening session helped relax the audience to the point of creating tremendous comraderie, as medicine should be always. Participation, discussion, helping one another resolve issues and problems, the sessions brought out the true spirit of medicine in the purest sense. The atmosphere and the comraderie could not be compared to any other meeting.

Friday, February 07:

7AM to 9AM:
Continued case presentations and discussions. Also, the beginning of discussions regarding the business of medicine, the politics of specific insurance agencies including medicare, and further discussions regarding marketing of the vein specialty.

Free Time

4PM to 6PM:
Further case presentations. Further elaborations of electronic health records as applies to Phlebology. Attending staff other than physicians are encouraged to participate, as these attendees play a vital role in the clinical care of patients and the efficiency of the medical practices. 

Free Time

7:30PM to 10:00PM:
Meeting Dinner; enjoy a relaxing meal and beverages with colleagues. 
Black Iron Bar & Grill. 

Saturday, February 08:

7AM to 9AM:
Final case presentations and conclusions of the meeting. Each participant is encouraged to present his final observations of the meeting, his most pressing problem regarding the clinical and operative management of his or her patients. The meeting concludes with recommendations for the next meeting, as this is becoming most popular and will be an annual event. 

Meeting Concludes


Contact Leon Olsen at Conference Matters or call +64 21 164 3815 for further details.